Bathing establishments 
Concerned: Hotels / Public or Private Establishments / Clinics / Hospitals / Amusement Parks / Campsites / Fitness
For the safety and health of your staff
1) New concept study by a qualified health and safety specialist " Security Officer" (SO), Federal Office of  Public Health accredited.​​​​​​​

Organization of the security​​​​​​​. Training, instruction, information,Security rules. 
Hazard determination, Risk Assessment. Measures to be taken and their realization.Relief organization.Control, audit.
Example of a matrix for risk analysis and risk assessment for occupational safety and health

for the exploitation   

1) Customized regulation.
2) Risk management.
 this study will help to bring your pool to the European standard by:  
1) hazard identification;    
2) the description of the risks;    
3) risk assessment;   
4) the measures to be taken;    
5) the plans;   
6) achievements;   
7) control.
Example: Is it necessary to monitor the pool by competent staff..., the study answers them
Example of risk management

For your bathing water plans

1) Creation and implementation of intervention protocol specific to your water plan.
2) Sale of emergency equipment adapted to your needs.
3) Update the professional knowledge of your or your bathguards.
4) The monitoring of your water bodies by us.

For your customers it is the assurance of a swimming in all confidence.
 For your employees it is the assurance of a job in complete safety and health.
Answers to your customers' ever more relevant questions about the measures taken by your establishment with regard to bathing safety.