​​​​​​​ Security for all

Swiss-life-guard.ch created the first private rescue vehicle, specially equipped for any work related to swimming, with specific equipment for each water body, this vehicle can go to any site.

relief of bag: semi-automatic defibrillator patches with adult / pediatric, cervical collars adult / pediatric, oxygen bottle, resuscitation mask, mask helps breathing, survival cover, gloves, belts, etc.
Life board.
Floating stretcher with head immobilizer and straps.
Floor mat.
Satchel with protective mask for resuscitation, whistle, gloves, natel.
Cubes of rescue.
Life Ropes.
Life tubes.
Fins, mask, snorkel, combination.
Safety jacket.
Protective tent.
Monitoring of your water bodies by us.
Secure a public or private bathing area.
Secure the water of an event.