For your bathing water 
Applies to: Private Pools / Biotops / Rentals / Management / Events
Risk management
For you and your family, this study allows to know the dangers of your water by:
1) hazard identification;
2) the description of the risks;
3) risk assessment;
4) the measures to be taken;
5) the plans;
6) achievements;
7) control.
(Example: is my pond safe enough ... our study will answer).

​​​​​​​Example of a risk management matrix completed by a security officer (SO)

​​​​​​​1. Customized regulations. 2. Audit. 3. Creation and implementation of intervention protocol specific to your water plan. 4. On-site study of intervention accessories. 5. Monitoring of your bathing water plan by us. 6. Basic training specific to your body of water: the act that saves. 7. Sales of rescue accessories tailored to your needs. 8. Individualized advice on the dangers of swimming. 9. Access study for people with reduced mobility.